Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Favorite Find for the Office

I was just sitting here at my desk thinking about how much I like this little tool I found. And then it hit me...share it with the world! Blog about it! I am slowly but surely regaining my writing strength. More musing on that in a second.

A friend at work pointed out the website They give tips for making your space ergonomically sound as well as (and this is my favorite) provide a free app that will remind you periodically to stretch. It looks like this screenshot below.

After breaking my leg and getting physical therapy, I was reminded once again how important stretching is. I have to remind myself periodically...and this app does it for me while I'm at my computer! Despite knowing better, I never cease to be amazed at what a difference some stretching makes in how I feel. Whether it's my darn tight hip flexors, my in-knots quads, or my crunchy calves, a little stretching makes me feel worlds better. And I am ALSO amazed at how stretching all of the above positively impacts my back pain. I know this is Anatomy 101, but, it's easy to forget.

I promised I'd muse on about blogging. Well, I don't know about you, but I have information overload sometimes. This is not a new concept. My friend Erin got me a book on the subject for my birthday (which, sadly, I have yet to even read). But, I feel like between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and every other thing bombarding you with minute details, keeping up with my blog and the blogs of others has fallen by the wayside, which is a shame, because I get a lot from it. Kind of like flossing or taking vitamins. You know it's good for you, but doing it takes a little prodding.

Anyway, you now have a useful tidbit and my two I suppose I should get back to my paid work?

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