Sunday, November 4, 2012

Best $18 Evah!

I'm on a roll, so no stopping me now! One of the better purchases I've made in the last year was this sprayer. A "Snap N Spray" handheld sprayer. This was one of those purchases that occurs when you are wandering aimlessly around the Home Depot. I saw it and thought "Well, now, maybe that would make cleaning easier." It retailed for $17.98, and it was worth every penny! It's available for slightly less on Amazon. Now, you may have a fancy schmancy shower with a handheld shower built in, but my all-around horrible bathroom doesn't.

It's easy to install. You basically unscrew your shower head, screw on the attachment, and then re-screw your showerhead. The handheld shower snaps in when you want to use it, and snaps out when you don't.

I bought it to make cleaning easier, and that it does. I can easily spray the cleaner off my tile shower walls, and I can also more easily rinse the tub when I'm scrubbing, without turning off the water. Oh, I didn't mention that feature? The water turns on and off with a switch on the handle.

While it's great with cleaning, it has uses I never thought of before buying it. I use it to fill up a basin for hand washing and, sitting on the edge of the tub, to wash my feet if they're dusty from sandal wearing in the summer. I can also imagine that this would be a lifechanging implement for those with dogs and/or children--easier to wash soap off as they squirm.

All in all, another one of those purchases I thought I'd regret and ended up loving!


  1. woohoo- welcome back!

    My showers are the handheld kind (clearly installed years after my 1950s house was constructed). I love them because they make it so easy to clean.

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