Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Yesterday was very exciting because my dear brother brought home the family Christmas tree (his, at his new house, has been up awhile). This one is real, and there's no beating that smell. I guess that is one advantage to my dad's and my recovery at home--we get to experience that all day. My mom decorated it, and I kept saying "no, it needs more ornaments." Finally, I let it be because I know she's tired from taking care of two invalids every day.

I think my nephew dog Sammy the Lab Mix also enjoys it, except that we yell at him when he tries to crawl under it to go behind my dad's chair.

Sammy has been my constant companion lately, and I think he's a litttle irritated with me. You know, I take up HIS sofa during the day and tell him not to bark and can't take him outside or for walks. My dad said he thinks he's also thinking I'm trying to take his place because for some reason if I sniff quickly, he runs and hides. "That's my job, Aunt Christine!" I found this out one day when I was trying to figure out where a smell was coming from (I think it was him. Thankfully, he's gotten a bath.). So he either thinks I'm trying to take his place, or...is offended. Either or.

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