Thursday, July 15, 2010

Western PA Vintage Finds

I went home to Western PA last weekend. I had a series of "had to dos" there, such as having my annual eye appointment with my wonderful eye doc, getting measured for a bridesmaid dress, and getting my oil change (just more convenient there). I of course got to see one of my favorite family members, Sammy. The dog.


I also got to go to my favorite Salvation Army. Despite telling myself I wasn't going to be selling anything on Etsy or Ebay anytime soon, I couldn't help but snap up all the wonderful finds. All the below for under $20:

  • Two Kremerware canisters (sugar and tea)

  • A "Mascot" vintage cooler

  • A set of two spaghetti looking glasses

  • A set of four yellow Pyrex-type bowls

  • Two metal Mid-Century trays

  • A little menagerie of Wade Whimsies (two elephants, two turtles, a bunny, and a lioness).

Yes! I do love a good vintage shopping trip!!!

Vintage stuff 

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  1. I didn't know that your family had a dog! He's cute!
    I love your finds...all under $20? Unbelievable!


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