Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've been very remiss in posting, so I thought I'd take advantage of my commute (via bus, don't worry!) to catch up. I've been on a bit of a spending spree lately. I'm still on part time. 'nuf said. Most of these purchases have been innocent enough on their own...I'll elaborate.

Mom came to visit the last week in February we went out to celebrate her birthday. Then I noticed the sign shown in the photo. West Elm downtown is closing! I didn't need a better excuse than that to buy the white lacquer tray I'd had in mind. Okay, that's all okay. I also got a haircut...which led to my purchase of a multitude of hair products and a dryer. Having free time is dangerous. For example, on my way to return something, I said, why not stroll through Crate & Barrel and browse? Why not indeed. In order to console myself among the Annapolitans buying pricey furniture. I bought a duvet cover that was on sale and I sort of fell in love with. I'm carrying it with me now, as it was not in stock...we'll see if it works.

Then on to kitchen appliances...I have purchased a 12 cup Kitchen Aid food processor as a result of a perfect storm of a lentil burger recipe, a Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon, a rebate, and a"cashback bonus." I did get a "deal" though that doesn't negate that there was cash exiting pocket stage left. Oh well, sometimes there are times like this. I won't worry unless it continues, in which case I'll have to request an intervention!

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