Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now Don't Y'all Pass Out...


Because I am posting a third time this evening. I got the duvet cover home and tested it poste haste. I himmed and hawed a bit (and emailed a pic to Mom), but ultimately decided to keep it. I washed it up and put it on the bed! My uncertainty was basically because the yellow seemed duller than it did in the store, but I still think it works and is a happy addition to my bedroom. I like the contrast of the yellow with the gray walls and black and white material.

Please Note: this pic (aside from the gratuitous placement of my new West Elm tray, purposely placed there after my earlier post) is NOT styled...hence the random pillow placement, wrinkly duvet cover, etc!)



  1. I like it! I think that the yellow looks really good with the black & white fabric on the side table. Also, side note: nice lamp!

  2. Thanks! That was a vintage find! $12 at the Salvation Army near my hometown...I had to add the shade. The guy at the lighting store tried to get me to buy a very traditional shade, and said this one was too large but I think it's just right for the vintage shape!

  3. Love the duvet also with the stems down. Also the red processor is great and with the way you create dishes, you will use it alot. Good choice.....Now when i come to visit again, you have to prepare me something in it.

  4. Love the colors!


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