Friday, February 5, 2010

Why I Don't Work From Home: Snowpocalypse Edition

Hi, blog readers. It is 5:30 and I came home around 3 to avoid the impending doom of the 12-20 inches of snow. (or is it 20-30? It seems to change by the minute). I picked up the "Snowpocalypse" term from another blog somewhere and it seems to be apt. I chose that term over other ones with equal appeal such as "Snowgasm" and "Snowmageddon." Don't believe me? Check out the yuppies/hipsters at the DC Whole Foods last night, waiting in line outside the store, as reported by local blog 14th & You. DC is so crazy. The December snow storm didn't seem to cause as much craziness.


Yes, they are insane. Anyway, I came home even though the snow hadn't really started to stick. I came armed with a few hours worth of work. Have I done it? No. I have:

  • Researched aforementioned line at Whole Foods

  • Updated my "inventory" of food I have in the house, including counting cans of tomatoes I have, and tried to do some meal planning

  • Looked for a good lentil burger recipe online

  • Browsed condos for sale (even though I've detemined I can't buy now numerous times)

  • Checked Facebook

  • Watched a program about Lee Harvey Oswald's murder on the History Channel

  • Watched 2 programs in a row of "Losing It" on Discovery Health

All whilst being super annoyed by my neighbor downstairs who keeps yawning loudly. [Aside on that topic, I don't think this guy works. I mean, ostensibly, he's a trainer. But, he's never working. Yesterday, I was home on my recession day, and he was there. All. day. Watching TV, banging around, doing God only knows what else. He's there at night, in the's really annoying. My old wood floors have a certain charm, but there's something to be said for thick concrete floors pasted with padding and carpeting.  At times like this, I also begin to feel there's something to be said for single family homes on 10 acres.]

Needless to say, I know from past experience that it's about this time of the evening that I tell myself that "I'll get to that work later this weekend" and then never do. Oh well. Hmm, let me check that inventory again and see what's for dinner!


  1. That line is awesome! Said with a tongue in cheek....The best is that Glenn stopped by our local wine bar/store & the place was mobbed...all stocking up to keep super warm!! :)

  2. Ha--Kim, it seems one can add "liquor" to the typical "milk, bread, toilet paper" snow stock up list from what I'm seeing on facebook!

  3. I know--can you believe it? I guess the store was closing early...but, wouldn't you just say "Oh, I'll just leave." Not these people! Though I heard the Safeway was similarly crowded. I'd have to have very very little food in my house to deal with this!


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