Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland






Where've ya been?

It's true, I've neglected blogging lately. So, what have I been up to?

1.) I fixed my broken blender! God bless the internet. I found out how to remove the broken part, buy a new one, and replace it. Good as new (with the exception of some scratches).


 2.) I went to St. Louis for work.


My boss was kind enough to drive me from the suburbs downtown so I could see the arch. But, he also stopped at Union Station. Now a Marriott, it's stunning. Seriously. Stunning. I literally gasped when I walked in. As these things often go, my pictures don't do it justice.



3.) I was being promoted. You might assume that that sounds like something that doesn't take much effort, but that would be an incorrect assumption. Firstly, I had to basically campaign for it, and then had to give a little presentation to a panel. No photos to accompany this. Well, I could put the picture of me driving two of my coworkers in my little car that my coworker took with his cell phone, but...well, it's not that interesting!

So, that's a little of what was keeping me busy. Too much excitement!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

The foot+ of snow has made me stop and focus on things, such as this blog! It's been a busy December, and I'm SO glad we got this pile of the white stuff to quiet things down. I went out for a walk and everyone was being so friendly, including all the doggies in Lincoln Park.


Everything is wonderful and serene, including my car, seen buried here. I unearthed it, because in Pennsylvania, we clean snow off before it's done, so that it's easier. They don't do that here.


Inside, all is warm and bright. My decorations have been up since the beginning of December. I added one big item to my Christmas repertoire this year: a vintage aluminum tree. I took a chance on a 4 foot beauty on Ebay, with the only picture on the listing being the box, which was in rather bad condition. But, as it turns out, it was wonderful, and rather affordable at $37 including shipping! The funniest part about this is that the box says that the tree was originally sold at G.C. Murphy Co. in Beaver Falls, PA--on the other side of Pittsburgh from where I grew up.

The box. If the tree looks familiar, it may be because you recognized it from the pages of Life Magazine! :) 

These aluminium trees are brilliant, both in sparkle and in construction. They fit into such small spaces, they're perfect for apartment dwellers. Much less space than traditional fake trees.

Before assembly 

Here's the tree trunk with two branches in. They come in little paper sleeves and are all the same size, so there's no fooling around with putting slot A in slot B. Besides after seeing the directions, I figured that if June Cleaver could do it, so could I!



And here it is after decorating! I had too few ornaments, but who cares. The "skirt" is actually a scarf. Ignore the duct tape on the plumbing access panel...I put this tree in my bedroom because I had already put up my pathetic straight from Thailand faux tree in my living room. Despite loving the Sparkler, I can't skip having a traditional tree. I briefly considered getting a real one, but frankly, was scared off by the price tag and the mess. So, here's the traditional one...


I am now toasty and warm, perched on my freshly vacuumed sofa...enjoying the brief respite from the hectic go go go of everyday life! Hope you too are merry and bright!