Monday, October 26, 2009

Mobile thoughts: clothes shopping

I really should have chosen a career that either allowed me to wear scrubs or jeans everyday. They don't mention how annoying shopping for career clothes can be. I'm sure Stacy London & Clinton Kelly would have problems with that, but hey, it's hard work finding clothes. I went shopping yesterday and bought a few things but they'll probably go back. I already have a pair of pants from Filene's Basement in my work bag going back. I realized on Friday when I had to dress for a client meeting that I don't have a fall/winter suit that I like. I dont have many suits period and even fewer that I actually like. You'd think that a black suit would be easy. It's not. I like to think it's because I wear a 18 w but I'm sure it would be a problem even at another size. All I want are a few comfortable outfits that make me feel good and a few pairs of comfy cute shoes. Is that too much to ask? I'll tell you what...I normally pay anywhere from $40 to $100 for pants and about the same for shoes. I'd easily be willing to pay 2-3 times that if I knew I was getting quality and fit. Problem is that half the time you're buying walmart quality made in China crap where you're paying for branding. And who knows how they'll actually fit once you start wearing them. SO frustrating!


  1. Just because everyone has problems finding decent clothes, that doesn't negate your right to complain about the problems specific to the selection and fit at size 18 w.
    I have a thread for you -- come play!

  2. Ooooo, wouldn't it be fabulous to have "What Not to Wear" wisk you away with $5K?? I love that they dress you to make YOU look good & stylish, not what a 20-something or size 2 would look good in.
    I'm with you, I think that it's just about impossible to find a good suit that doesn't look like you are headed to a funeral or that you should be in an Easter basket.

  3. Thanks...I tried tonight yet again. Turns out the Bloomingdales in NW DC doesn't have a Plus size dept. I asked someone, and she was like "no, because this was designed to be like a boutique." Oh, right, like a boutique that doesn't carry fat people clothes.

  4. Wow, good thing that sales person didn't work on commission. I hate people that think they are too good to carry my size. Then you must not need my money. I like the What Not To Wear idea, if they would just give you the cash and not rag on how you dressed. Maybe I dress like this because I was waiting for somebody to give me 5k and now I will totally look great. And I agree, how on earth are you supposed to know what is worth paying retail for when it's all made in China in the end?
    So nothing helpful, but tons of sympathy.


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