Saturday, October 31, 2009

Falling Into Fall: Home Edition

So, to not make my blog all drudgery about economics (I realize what a complete GEEK it makes me to have looked up the REPORT on Walmart's website!), here are some little home changes I've made for fall. Tonight is one of my favorite nights--extra sleep! :)

I've changed the arrangement of my stuff around the house. I like little doo dads, but I often tend to not want to clutter up with them. Part of this is not really knowing what to do with them. My friend, and frequent blog commenter, Kim is an excellent creator of cute vignettes with the vintage items she collects. I tried to take some inspiration from her in these arrangements!


Here's my coffee table. I tried to put together some fall things and wrapped the hurricane in orange yarn and put some black river rocks in the bottom.  The gourds I got in Pennsylvania this year (along with a boat load of Honey Crisp apples at Peters Orchards) were super cute. I like the little gnomey one in the forefront.


I'm kind of pleased with this. I mostly just added some of the objects in the front. Still deciding exactly how I want it. But, I'm happy with the spacing of things...


 Here's more of my fall bounty from my PA trip!


To the right of my dining table is actually a SUBTRACTION. I sold my Ikea bookcase on Craigslist Friday for $10. Nice to have the extra space! (And, the reason for the awkwardly placed picture.)


This photo is a two-for I recently added a sheepskin to my ole Ikea chair--a nice cozy addition. You will also notice testing patches for paint. I am planning on painting sometime soon...and now that I've done these tests, I have to. (Though, neither is quite the right color).

So, that's the wrap up. Little things can make a big difference! Now I'm getting ready to go on a Capitol Hill ghost tour with Angela for Halloween. Boo!


  1. I just love your little vignettes!! And, I'm so flattered that you mentioned me :) We need to make plans to get together again. I still think about that meat pizza at Matcbox...would you be up to trying it out again?

  2. Well deserved, Kim!!! I was just thinking we need to do something..and NOW, there's a matchbox in my neighborhood! So, I can definitely do that! It's a cozy fall spot, too because they have fireplaces. We'll connect "offline"! :)


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