Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busted Blenders


I don't use blenders very often. And I have two, a Kitchen Aid full size blender and a Cuisinart stick blender. And as of a few weeks ago, neither were working. Pffffft. The less than one year old stick blender has been out of commission for awhile now. At first, I thought it was just the chopper (it comes with a chopper attachment). It is not the chopper, though unfortunately, which I found out after my run in with blender number one.

I have had this monster Kitchen Aid blender now for about 10 years. It was a gift one Christmas when I decided I NEEDED a blender and it NEEDED to be a Kitchen Aid (I couldn't just, say, get the blender thing out of my system with a $10 Kmart blender. To put this in perspective, I can count on one hand the number of times I use my $100+ Kitchen Aid blender each year. However, the $7 toaster from Target? I use that about every day.) I remember the chain of friend Terry got me loving homemade smoothies when I visited her, and then Daisy told me she got a Kitchen Aid blender for her wedding, and that it was great at ice. Well,, despite not really using it, I have hauled it around because, you know, it's expensive.

Don't get me wrong, I've used it. It put on a good "Smoothie night" for my floor when I was a Graduate Assistant in the dorms in grad school. I make my "famous" Butternut Squash soup with it a few times a year. But, on a "per square inch" basis, it's probably not earning its keep.

The other week, I was craving a nice smoothie. I had berries and yogurt I wasn't eating, so I thought "Why not DRINK them?" I made a nice frosty smoothie, and when I returned to the kitchen to clean up the mess, I noticed the rubber thingy on the motor had come off. Not come off, crumbled off and all over the blade assembly. Sigh. Of course, it's not under warranty at this point, though I can either send it in or take it to a certified Kitchen Aid repair place, which as far as I can tell, don't exist. Ugh. So, I'm deciding if that's worth it.

In the meantime, I try to make a smoothie the next day with my handheld. As it turns out, this too is kaput. The whole thing doesn't work. I ended up trying to hand make a smoothie with a spoon, a knife, and some shaking. Not. Advised.

If the past interaction with Cuisinart is any indication, I'm sure they'll replace it to my satisfaction, but it's just such a pain. So, what would YOU do about the blender? I would like both companies to know that I'm watching their responses very carefully...because I'm considering a food processor sometime in the future!

p.s. I know I've been a crappy blogger. All I can say is sorry...I've been bummed about my job, thinking of buying a condo (that's a whole other post I could write), and generally just running around doing life's little errands.


  1. This is just why I don't buy expensive blenders. They are one of those things that stop working after a few years, not matter how expensive they were (I put irons & toaster ovens in this same catagory).
    What's the latest on the condo situation? I saw on Facebook that you are looking.

  2. glad you're back! I would definitely contact both companies about replacing/fixing the darn things. I've got a cheap blender that does well with ice, but if you spend $100 on a blender, it should work FOREVER!
    I'd love to hear more about the condo...

  3. I ditched my blender and went with a food processor. It has hadd its share of problems due to roommates who really didn't know what they were doing and broke various parts and pieces. But pieces can be replaced (online) and it is still going strong after 23 years. Crushes ice very well, shreds everything you put in it (just like a tornado did my landscaping this summer) and purees the same. I'd say go for the Cuisinart - they cost less than they did in 1985 when I bought mine.

  4. Hey everyone! Thanks! kmsy--I've been thinking about a food processor for awhile, but haven't wanted to get one since I had a blender! Since that isn't a problem..
    Hmm, well, on the condo front, I'm not really looking at buying...I'm holding off for awhile!


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