Sunday, August 2, 2009

Christine's Weekend Miscellany

You'll have to excuse me if I'm all over the place. My mind tends to be all over the place these days, which is acceptable since my back has me firmly in one place. I did something (yet to be determined by xrays taken last Thursday) to throw my back out. This has limited my ability to do much. In typical Christine fashion, I not only injure myself but then remain persistent in finishing whatever I was doing. I'm impatient. The back thing happened while I was--surprise!--organizing my linen closet last Sunday. I did stop organizing, but persisted in making steak and potatoes and chickpea-mushroom-brown rice burgers. I have no pictures of the burgers, but I give you chickpeas, which I soaked and cooked the day before the fateful incident.


The burgers can only be described as "meh." Need more spice. But, they sustained me all week, and there's something about making stuff from dried beans that makes you feel very frugal.

The burgers must have appealed to someone, because I got home on Wednesday to a bunch of little visitors. Ants. The smallest ants I've ever seen. I put out some Terro liquid (best ant killer EVER), and they went to town.


They are now mostly gone. I haven't seen one since Friday. I felt kind of bad as they started to disappear. The remaining ones looked confused, like, "where did our friends go?" Yeah, that remorse lasted about 2 seconds. This reminded me of a thought I had once before when I was ant-killing. I was thinking "Stupid, ants, look at them, can't get enough of that stuff...even though it's going to kill them!" I think I was probably sticking a doughnut in my mouth at this point, and that drove the lesson home quicker than you can say Aesop. We humans put a lot of crap in our bodies that isn't good for us. Something to think about...

So, this weekend, was mostly relaxing and waiting for the back to heal. I did make it to Eastern Market this morning, and bought some pickles. Bread and butter slices!


Because of my back, I resisted getting too much produce, but did buy some blueberries, cucumbers, and peaches to supplement my grocery order set to arrive from Peapod tonight. I had to skip the "eat local" thing today--carrying groceries didn't seem prudent!

Because I was waiting for Eric to come for brunch, I had some time to kill, and found myself ducking in out of the rain and into Hill's Kitchen, a great kitchen store/demonstration kitchen with lessons by Eastern Market. I bought a great cookbook, "The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever." ($25) I plan on trying some recipes out of that soon. I LOVE casseroles--because I can basically cook once and eat all week! And, typically, casseroles tend to be things that reheat well. I rationalized my purchase by saying "Well, if I have a great cookbook, I'll eat at home more!" :)


I'll let you know if I find any goodies! Have a great start to the week!

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