Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blossom Experiment

So, you saw my squash blossoms I bought last week at the farmers' market? I had to make them quickly--within a day--because they're very ephemeral. The recipe I had was deep fried (I know--very healthy, huh?) and suggested stuffing with ricotta. Since I had some of my favorite Lamagna Lite Ricotta from Western PA, I mixed up that with some herbs and garlic and "stuffed" the blossoms. The bottom line? If I were to make these again (which I won't), I wouldn't stuff them--most of the stuffing oozed out. They were yummy (as fried foods generally are), but not good enough to go through all the work and mess they required. No fridge longevity, messy batter dipping, lots of oil that you need to heat up to a high short, the only way I'd make them again would be if I were growing my own zucchini and wanted to curb my crop and had a proper space to deep fry! And even then, I might consider just sauteeing them. Here's the process!

First, the stuffed blossoms...notice how the filling is oozing...


Next, the batter. It was made from flour and wine.


Scary hot oil.


Sizzle Sizzle...


Yummy fried goodness...



  1. Y'know, I think there are things that are just meant to be restaurant food.

  2. theory, cheese stuffed anything that is fried sounds delicious. I'm with the previous poster -- I'd order it at a restaurant.

  3. Definitely yummy, but the yumminess was not equivalent to the work involved--definitely a restaurant food!


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