Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Suck it up!

The highlight of my day today was the arrival of the new member of my family--my Dyson Slim. Man o man, that thing sucks (in the best possible way). Admittedly, I don't have a lot to compare it to considering my last vacuum sucked (in the worst possible way). I was a bit skeptical of the hype, but for the most part the Dyson lived up to its claims. It was fairly easy to assemble (despite the pictoral only instructions...). I was giving it longing glances all day after it arrived this morning at the office. Finally, I was able to try it when I got home. I started with the runner in my hallway. This is the result:


WHERE did that come from???? Crazy. Keep in mind, I don't even have wall to wall. I vacuumed the whole apartment (the cord fits--though barely--through the whole place without changing outlets! Yay!) and emptied the bin. I agree with some of the critics that the emptying of the bin creates dust. I had to use my hands to get it all out too.  If I had dust allergies, I'm sure that would be problematic, HEPA filter or no. The brush bar also had issues--like my old vacuum--with my shag rug. I'll have to resort to vacuuming without the brush bar for that during most cleaning sessions.  Fortunately, that's easy enough to do.



I was relieved that the vacuum was quieter than my last one. The attachments are adequate, though tiny. All in all, I actually can't wait to vacuum again! Did I mention it's cute?


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