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Happy Memorial Day! Projects...

I hung around here for Memorial Day, and when I say hung around, I mean it. I didn't do a whole lot, despite Leslie's list of activities for me to do (Rolling Thunder, Memorial Day Concert, Parade). I stil have most of today to redeem myself, I suppose! I did, however, get a few things done around the house, including finishing my dresser finally. I also spray painted two Ikea lamps and managed to offload some old stain and paint on a Freecycler. This is good because it saved me a trip to the Hazmat collection site next weekend.
I took about 100 photos of the dresser, but none of them turned out great. As you may recall, I was deciding between spraypainting the feet gold and staining. Well, the stain won out by default because I couldn't actually remove the feet as I thought I could. I also was able to sort of finish the part of the inside of the drawers that showed. At least now it doesn't stand out.

As for the lamps, there's a reason no one ever said that IMpatienc…