Strip for Me, Yeah

Made lots of progress yesterday--got the whole main part of the dresser done. I had to scrub a little with a stripping pad (essentially steel wool shaped as a square), but this stuff works really well.  All that's left are the drawers and legs.


There were certain areas that needed a second coat (seen on the top right and top center). I found that it was hard to realize at times how thick I was spreading the stripper, and that that tended to especially happen at the edges. Putting a thick coat on is critical--like frosting on a cake. There are still some whitish areas, that I'll probably be able to remove by a light sanding. Here's a view of the stripper once it's had it's chance to work. When it gets all bubbly like that, it's time to scrape.


Stay tuned...


  1. man what a dramatic change for the better already- this will be a lovely piece when you are finished. just repeat after me- no electric sander in the house!

  2. way to go..By the way i like your new pic.

  3. I'm on pins and needles waiting for updates!


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