Monday, April 13, 2009

Single Serve Cereal

517YZZJS07L__SS500_ I don't know how you are, but I LOVE cereal. Especially sugary kids cereal. I can't control myself with it, and if I buy a box, it literally won't last more than a day or two. Usually, I recognize this, and don't buy it, but on occasion, I float through the grocery store in a cloud of denial. It is at this time that I allow myself to buy crackers, cookies, and sugary cereal, thinking I'll "just eat a serving or two. This will last me for weeks!" Uh, yeah. Well, I discovered a good solution: to go cups. They typically sell for about $1 (at Shoppers Food and Target. At Harris Teeter in the city, they were a bit more). And, I don't allow myself to buy more than 2 at a time. They're more than one typical serving, I'm pretty sure, but they're nowhere near what a whole box would be! (The ones I've gotten have ranged from 160 calories--for Corn Pops--to 250 calories--for Cocoa Krispies). Granted, I wouldn't recommend this if you have control over the satan cereal, because you can sometimes get a box for the cost of two of those buggers, but if you don't, having the natural stopping point is key to self control!

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