Scariest part of staining

I'm getting ready for the scariest part of furniture finishing--the topcoat! First of all, you have to lightly sand the surface, which is mentally upsetting, and then I constantly worry about lint and brush strokes in the poly finish. I had to go buy a new can of the poly this afternoon because I wanted semi-gloss to match the nightstand (I had some leftover satin). And, I bought a quart because the pint looked too small...I know I'm going to have a ton left.

While at the hardware store, I bought spray paint for the hardware--metallic gold. I'm not sure about it. I was torn between that and black satin. Well, I can't use that today anyway. Not an indoor activity! The store didn't have the little brass feet for the legs. I didn't stain the legs yet anyway.

Update, 9:12 pm: Oh boy. Big Duh moment. This is why I hate this step. I erroneously sanded BEFORE the poly, versus between coats...something I only realized after applying the poly to the first drawer when the sand marks didn't go away. Sigh. So, I had to go back and try to remedy the situation. I applied more stain to the body of the dresser. I kept the drawers as is because they kind of look "rubbed" and I wanted them all uniform. So, I'll probably only get one coat of poly on tonight at about 11, and then apply the next one tomorrow night. Ain't furniture refinishing fun?!?


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