Dresser, with renewed handles

I hope Colleen hasn't had to resort to stripping herself! Here's the promised "more!" I spray painted the handles a metallic gold, which I'm quite pleased with. They turned out better than I expected. What's left are the feet. Opinions, please--do you think I should spray paint them gold or stain black?

Dresser Before:


Dresser After:


Handles before:


Handles after:


On other news, I leave Wednesday for London! I won't be blogging whilst there (going to be more or less low tech...too darn expensive to use my iphone, so unless I find a way to get a phone there for cheap or have internet access somewhere, I'll be off line!), but I'll be taking lots of pictures and notes to blog once I return. It's really funny how times have changed...I was feeling concerned about not having much cell service or web access...meanwhile, as I said to someone the other day, people existed and managed to make plans pre-internet and pre-cell phone. Heck, when I lived in England, I didn't have ANY phone. I used to walk to meet up with friends!

Hope everyone's having a great week and staying cool! It was in the mid-80s here today and is going to be near 90 this week! Hot hot hot!


  1. Fantastic update to the dresser -- and I would do the feet in gold.

  2. I didn't, but it did get close...
    Would you mind if I did a before and after post for ATDC on this wonderful project? I think especially in the current economic climate, people are interested in reworking existing pieces in new ways, and the dresser just looks great!

  3. The gold handles look great, but I would do the feet in black. If they stand out this much now, they'll be even more eye-catching in gold and I think the focus should be higher up. Great job!

  4. This looks gorgeous, Christine!

  5. Thanks everyone! I'm leaning towards staining right now. I'm not sure how long it will take me to get the motivation up. Another lesson--do the feet first. My dad told me this AFTER, of course.

  6. Christine, I didn't know you could do such amazing things with a dresser!! You should take a ride up to Savage Mill (just outside of Laurel, MD) as there is a master furniture refinisher there who has really cool painted furniture. Go with black feet on the dresser!!

  7. Great work here! Just an advice, have a piece of glass cut for the top of your dresser. That will help keep the top in better shape and avoid some of the chipping.

  8. Very attractive handles. It is very modern and styled. It's a good idea to use mettalic gold. Great job.

  9. Dresser is good especially when it have a good and attractive handle. Thanks for sharing.


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