Butt Naked


My dresser is, thankfully. Though, so am I in a way, or will be...I'll explain, but first the dresser.

I'm nearly there. The existing finish is finis. (Well, except in the part where the drawers close that I thought didn't show...yeah, surprise!) I had planned on staining it this past weekend, but I was too pooped out and didn't get up early enough on Saturday. So, that will come.

My other obsession is finding a way to clothe myself. This is an exceedingly difficult task, seeing as everything is made to fit aliens. Or something. i.e. NOT ME. The two main things I need are: shoes that don't cripple me when I walk (or even just sit) and a raincoat. Seems simple, right? No. I've ordered almost every trench coat available in plus sizes, and I was beginning to give up hope. I returned three to Nordstrom on Saturday. Today, I got a few more in the mail, and at least these weren't completely awful. Still, I'm not writing poems to them and don't feel they're cool enough to post here.

Similarly, I've been obsessively looking for shoes. I don't understand why it's so hard. I don't buy cute high heeled strappy things to begin with, and yet, they're all inadequate. I bought two pairs at Ecco on Saturday, and now I'm probably going to have to return them. Thank God they offer a 30-day Comfort return policy.

So, that's why I too may be naked, if something doesn't change.


  1. oh so very pretty, naked or not. The dresser that is. I'm pretty sure our internet relationship isn't at a point where I should talk about anything but your furniture being naked. In fact, my mom keeps warning me about such interactions on the internet- she watches a lot of Dateline so she knows what kind of people are online.

  2. I have to say that I like my shoes
    But, I hear you about comfortable, yet at least semi fashionable shoes...i will no longer buy/keep/wear shoes that are uncomfortable. It's stupid and a waste of $$--I secretly laugh at these people at work who have their shoes off most of the day while at their desk/cubilce (usually pointy high heeled shoes,sitting there and even walking around w/ no shoes.)
    I have found some comfortable, yet fashionable/semi-fash shoes...you cant' always necessarily go by brands. And if you have to realize what works best with your shape/type of foot (i.e. i have a wide foot, but a narrow heel). If you ever want to go shoe shopping...let me know and/or shoe advice!
    By the way, nice job on the dresser..it's looking good.

  3. well Colleen, when we meet & I'm actually a hairy 60 yr old male pedophillic axe murderer, you won't be laughing so much at your mom!
    Thanks Angela! Part of the issue with me is that my feet are so dang big, they often don't have the sizes in the store and if they did, they were already sold. Though the lady at Ecco made me feel better when she said she had a female customer that wore a 45 (euro). This was after I complained about the 42 being slightly snug.

  4. I wear a 43 Euro and all I buy any more is Clarks. They make a relatively predictable 12 that often runs blissfully wide, and I now usually order two pair at a time just so I can have options (I have yet to keep both pairs). I walk around a lot at work so I have their Privo line for work, and for the rare times I dress up they have a line called Indigo. I am now a Clarks evangelist, apparently. But I don't own any other brands any more (except, like, Nike men's shoes for the gym).

  5. Thanks, Anne! Yeah, I like Clarks, but unfortunately, their regular line runs a bit big for me...so my last pair was aggravating (in an 11). I've had 10s by them before, but usually, they're a bit too small. They don't make 10 1/2s EXCEPT in the Privo line, which I just found out about last night while madly scouring the web for shoes!!! So, I may try that!
    Oh, and yes, these shoes from Ecco are DEFINITELY small! I wore them for a walk at lunch, and my back is now killing me from scrunching up my toes!!!

  6. QVC also carries many sizes over 10 in many brands,and oten in wide widths too.


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