Friday, March 27, 2009

Someone get me a straitjacket--STAT

Straightjacket Okay, I'm *considering* stripping the dresser myself with some Soy Gel (which gets rave reviews online...). I haven't done any research into getting someone else to do it, but I have a feeling it will be at LEAST $100, don't you? (Personally, I'd charge about $5,000.) At least I know the pitfalls this time, right?


  1. I"ve heard good things about SoyGel. I've used (and been happy with) Peel Away. I think you'll find using a chemical paste stripper so much easier- and less messy- than sanding...

  2. Well, Colleen, I actually used a chemical stripper too last time--Ready Strip. I hope soy gel does a better job. Reading all the online stuff seems to indicate it will! We'll see! I'm going to either hunt some down this weekend or order it and then do the stripping at a later time!


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