Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lie to me

As I do my first ( and probably last) post from the treadmill, I am thinking of how often we fool ourselves to get through life. Or at least I do. The human brain's funny that way. It's like captives who develop coping mechanisms. About 95% of my workouts involve trickery..."only 5 more minutes..." or "just get to the 2 mile mark & then you can leave." That kind of thing.

That's why low expectations are so important too...they fool you into feeling better about whatever it is...something to think about: high standards and a keen sense of what's real get you nowhere! Lie to me

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  1. good for you for getting to the gym! At my annual check up, my doc said my cholesterol was up 80 points since last summer and she attributed the increase to my lack of exercise. Did that fact make me hop back on the treadmill? - no, sadly it did not...


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