Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Heart Space

I successfully sold my Ikea Malm dresser for $85 (Orig. Price $149 or so 4 years ago) to someone on Craigslist. I was psyched by the space it left! I wanted to do twirls in it...


That was until I saw what they left.


At first I was like "Ew, mud, gross, on my white bedroom carpet" until I went to clean it, caught a whiff, and realized it wasn't mud at all, but rather some nice DOG DOO. GREAAAAAATTTT. Anyone who knows anything about me knows this really freaked me out. I got it all out (at least I think and hope) w/ some upholsterly cleaner...of course, it then made me paranoid that I had it tracked the whole way from my door to the bedroom...passing over my wonderful Angela Adams living room rug and hallway runner. I didn't SEE anything, but then again, those aren't WHITE, so it's harder. I hope they managed to bypass those. UGH. I think I'm going to go to the hardware store and buy some contractor shoe covers for my next Craigslist sale!

So, I've been on a posting frenzy. It's feast or famine around here. You may be asking yourself, "What is Christine doing with all the clothes, etc., that were in those drawers?" Good question. I filled 2 bags for Goodwill (amazing what we keep around that we don't use) and the rest is neatly somewhat neatly piled in my bedroom awaiting a dresser or alternative solution.


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