Sunday, March 29, 2009

Egg-straordinary Mess!

I wasn't sure eggs-actly what my Sunday morning would hold, but I know what I wasn't egg-specting: dropping 9 eggs on my kitchen floor.


This was after salvaging a few that weren't completely broken, so that I could make the French toast I had a hankering for. But look at this nightmare:


But, this post has more of a point than a one-woman pity party. I remembered a tip I saw once, to use salt to sop up the mess. Unfortunately, I ran out of salt mid-way, so I used the kitchen superhero, baking soda.


This dynamic duo did indeed help--I'll spare you the sweep-up view, but essentially, you can just slide the mess onto a dust bin and away you go. Don't get me wrong, there was still a little post-salt-baking-soda clean up, but this is a tip to keep filed in case you get as clutsy on a Sunday morning as I did!

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  1. i never knew that about the salt tip...i will keep it in mind. thanks for the info!


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