Monday, March 16, 2009

Christine and the ones that got away

So the thing about liking vintage and antique things is that you can't tarry when it comes to purchasing it. I had seen a dresser at one of my favorite used furniture stores in DC, Miss Pixies, but I waited to buy it because of indecision and because I'd have nowhere to put it. Alas, when I went online to write to Pixie about the dimensions, it was sold and no more. I did find the picture cached.


It's from the "Contessa" line from Heywood Wakefield. This is not as well known as their "modern" line, but frankly, that I can take or leave. This was from around the same time. I found this ad online at Retro Renovation.


I want that "Slender Elegance"! Damn!

Well, this reminded me of another time I let one get away. I saw a book at an antiques store in Annapolis called The Busy Busy City. It was a melt-in-your-mouth cute book with cut out dolls and other features that were in perfect condition considering it probably dated from the 1930s. The price was $50, which at the time seemed crazy, I mean, I didn't NEED this children's book, even though it was super cute and even though it dealt with cities. When I finally decided that YES, I DID need that book, it was gone. And, I could try to find it online, but no go. And, I bet if I did, it would be in poor condition and more money. Oh well.

So, moral of the story is if something hits you...really hits you, buy it, because it may not be there when you get back! This doesn't apply to, say, Macy's, but at an antiques store, or flea market, it does. Granted, I've taken to saying "Well, wasn't meant to be," but part of me will always think about them! (Esp. that darn book!)

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