Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sponge Solution

This is how lazy the iPhone has made me. Now, I don't even take the time to take a good picture with a good camera. Well anyway, this is my solution to a vexing problem. For literally years, I have kept my oxo good grips sponge/soap dispenser in an old flower pot. And for roughly the same amount of time, I have been utterly annoyed by it. It was top heavy, and so every time I used it, it would topple into the sink, usually at inopportune moments, like into a sieve of delicate draining raspberries. That all has ended. In a fit of genius, I've now employed pebbles (those small rock like things not the Flintstones character or her namesake cereal!) to counterbalance the top heaviness. As an added bonus I can also place my regular scrubbie sponge on top and the moisture will (at least theoretically) drain, keeping off the mildew. I know from past soap dish pebble experience that I will have to clean and sanitize them occasionally, but for my sanity, that's a small price to pay.

Sponge Solution

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