Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Off and Getting Stuff Done

Well, one of the "perks" of having a reduced pay is that now I get a day off each week. Now, I am enjoying it, but then again, I haven't seen the paycheck yet.

Today, I started by sleeping in. Then, decided that instead of waiting until Saturday to start staining a set of drawers, I'd do it today. So, I'm in the middle of that now. Pictures to follow later!

I have one coat on now, and will probably do at least 2 more. I'm not too concerned about it looking great. I keep the drawers in my closet. These are Ikea--"Ivar" and if you're looking for something like this, I highly recommend. They're sturdy and made of solid pine, so you can stain easily. Plus, on casters, you can just roll them around easily. I was lucky because I found these on the street outside my friend Ted's house. I'm also lucky that Erin agreed (reluctantly, but I was insistent) to put them in her trunk.

And here is the public service announcement portion of this post.

Do you keep your blinds closed? If so, open them. I went to open the window a crack to let some fresh air circulate, I was seriously disturbed to find mold growing on my windows. Ick. I went into action with some bleach solution, and it's mostly off, but wow...gross. It was even worse in my bedroom windows. So, moral of the story is: check windows and let the warm air get to them so the water can evaporate. They can sweat in cold weather...and mold can grow. It's just a good thing my respiratory system isn't super sensitive. Still...gross. Let it be things not invited into my home, be they fungus, insect, or animal...will be VANQUISHED! (The plants that die are purely due to my lack of green thumb.)

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