Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cool Tool to Unclog Drains

I have often used chemical drain openers like Draino and Liquid Plummer for clogged drains. I never felt right about it...putting all those eco-unfriendly chemicals down the drain. But, I was desperate. Half the time, I had to do it repeatedly, which can also get expensive. With my most recent clog, I finally bought a Zip It drain opener. I had seen it online once, but never thought it would work. Well, I'm here to confirm: it works like a dream.

My clog wasn't nearly as bad as the ones on their web site. I did have to stick the thing down more than once, and it pulled out my disgusting hair. But, that's all it took...I had a fast-running drain in a few minutes without chemicals and even without removing the drain stopper. Awesome! I'll definitely get one again. I got it for about $4 at a local hardware store.

The package instructions say not to reuse it because the sharp teeth could cut your fingers cleaning it off...but I managed to do that with little problem or personal danger and plan on using it at least once more.



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