Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments Day Ten: Asian Influence


Day 10--Again, LATE!

This doo dad (sorry, I have no idea what it technically is) was from my cousin Leigh--a memento from Taiwan. I was lucky enough to visit her when she and her now husband Perry lived there a few years ago (can't believe that was in 2004--FOUR years ago!). I bought a similar doo dad which was a darma wheel (I think) made of one of the very cool rocks on the island. What struck me in Taiwan was how much they LOVED Christmas. Most Taiwanese aren't Christian, but one thing they DO get is commerce and decoration. They especially love Christmas music. Though it was Thanksgiving when I visited and not an odd time to hear Christmas music, Leigh and Perry said that it was customary to hear it even in summer. Though these symbols on my tree have nothing to do with Christmas, they remind me of one of the most memorable trips I've been on as well as the Taiwanese affinity for the season's joyousness!

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