Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seat Hogs

Listen, guy beside me on the bus...if you want private transport, take a cab.

I get seriously annoyed at seat hogs. Not people who need more than their share--as a person of a certain size, I understand that Metro seats designed in Italy don't necessarily fit American-sized butts. What irritates me are people who stake their claim on 2 seats, refuse to move over, keep their bag on the seat even after you sit and even with a full bus or train.

This points to a general annoyance..a feeling of entitlement. In my estimation, it's why so many drive in the left lane even when not passing.

There's actually a great website exposing that crime against humanity...I'll link to it here when I'm not "mobile."


  1. This happens all the time on my bus and it drives me crazy. The other thing that really bugs me is people on the bus who recline their seats so far that I can practically do dental work on them. I really do not need to know how many fillings you have, Mr. Obnoxious Seat Recliner. (I feel like there's a Bud Light commercial in here somewhere...)

  2. UGH I hate seat recliners too!!!! On planes as well...I read something once where people purposely try to shine a light in their eyes to get them to un-recline!


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