Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolve to Resolve

I didn't make any dramatic resolutions this year. I either go all or nothing--like pages of lists of things I'd like to do or nothing at all. Though there are many things I feel I need to examine in my life and work on, looking at them on January 1 is not necessary. There's always time. (Okay, resolution one: "Stop procrastinating.")

However, I always have one resolution that sort of goes without saying. Losing weight. It's been a goal of mine since, oh, I was eight. Usually, I end up not only not losing weight, but gaining it. Those kinds of goals become less goal and more like a disheartening attack on one's self esteem. Without going into the complexities of nutrition, genetics, stress, emotional overeating, habit, etc, suffice to say that losing weight is difficult. Changing one's lifestyle is difficult. Despite that, I am going to make a change this year. I don't want to look like Paris Hilton or something. My main concern is health. My second concern is clothing. Shopping for several years in plus sizes can be boring and sometimes demeaning.

Last night, I was watching (at 1:30 am--resolution two: "Go to bed earlier") Intervention on A&E about a Type I diabetic who didn't monitor his diet, blood sugar, or insulin. I found myself mentally judging him "Oh, how stupid," I thought, "How can someone be so careless and thoughtless about his family" But then I self-examined. I'm sure strangers could think the same of me. Hell, we already know my doctor does. It reminded me of another analogy I thought of once, when I had an ant problem. Hundreds of ants swarmed on the sticky sweet goo that contained enough poison to kill them. Again, I thought "Ha! How stupid are they? Enjoy that now, because you're not long for the world." Still, I can pound back a dozen cookies if I am feeling down or stressed. Hypocrite.

The reason I'm posting all this here is that I read this article in the Washington Post over lunch (when I was supposed to go to the gym) about hypocrisy being a powerful tool. I want everyone in blogland to know that  1.) I believe a healthy lifestyle is important and 2.) I plan to do everything in my power this year to take steps to be healthier. That sounds wishy washy, but I don't want to put a number on it. Making a number goal is making the result of the goal the goal rather than the actual achievement; kind of like winning an olympic medal--it's a symbol of the win, but the true goal is passing the finish line or having the shortest time. I'm going to monitor calories, nutrition, fitness, and feelings. I'm going to work out more and make health a priority. I hope to post successes here (and challenges too).

Anyone out there have resolutions they want to post???

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  1. Me too, right here! Better health! After a year of NO exercise (really, I'm not exaggerating) & eating nothing but trash (really, not much of an exaggeration), I was sick for 2 months straight. A cold, bronchitis & another cold, all in a row. If that isn't my body telling me something, I don't know what is. I'm onto regular exercise, eating healthy, real foods & taking a multi vitamin. Go us! :)


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