Monday, January 26, 2009

Catch up...Hope Springs

P1200006Wow, I've been so bad about blogging. Well, things have been you may have heard, the Inauguration of our 44th president happened last week. It was phenomenal. I was truly in awe about the number of people. The lead up to the event, though, was causing me stress. Well, probably in combination with everything else going on, but all the talk about crowds and traffic continuously for several weeks was causing me anxiety. I actually stocked up on for a hurricane. Because of the expected gridlock and because my mom was visiting (Iwas also prepping to have an additional guest--Jennifer--for one night). Anyway, I now have food for this week too and enough toilet paper for probably another month.

The event itself was hectic. I had tickets for one of the standing areas. There was a huge foul up with the checkpoints. Long story short, we were pressed (literally) in line for 5 hours to get through the gate just as the main event was starting. It was certainly memorable, though at one point, I was certain I was going to die pressed up against a security fence. The picture above isn't even the worst part. Once we got in, I was happy to just be a part of it. I didn't do the campaign work that many of the people in "line" with me did...after all, I was a post-Dem convention convert to Obama... but I still felt like "we did it" with my measily donations and hopes. I was treated to inspiration by Obama's address--by his message of "hope not fear"--as well as by the hope I saw in those around me.


The crowd held in rapt attention by the speech


The stage view--sort of

I'd put up video I took, but honestly, you can get good video somewhere else!

My absolute favorite part of the day was what happened afterwards...we saw George W's helicopter fly close overhead. Everyone waved and cheered "SO LONG! GOOD RIDDANCE!" It was a fantastic feeling. I won't lie, and it's no secret, he represents everything I hate. Both his policies and peronally (his public persona...he and Laura never invited me over). At any rate, I could spew vitriol, but now it's past. What I did realize was that in the majority of my time living in the DC area, he was in office, and I think it contributed to a certain different kind of feeling. I can already feel a difference, I swear, even with the still fragile economic situation.  I'm hoping it sticks.

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