Friday, December 26, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments! Day Two: Handicrafts from Catherine





These two ornaments were made for my family by Catherine. Catherine was like a grandmother to me and a prolific maker of all things crochet and plastic canvas.  Growing up on Depot Street, our house was subdivided into our house plus two smaller apartments. Catherine lived in the lower apartment for my early childhood and would babysit me. She would make me French toast in the kitchen which still had an old style Frigidaire and I would climb up on her bed which seemed like a mountain and play with her jewelry. 


We walked to the hospital which was a half-block away and where she worked in her younger years and had grilled cheese sandwiches and milkshakes at the "hospitality shop" (where I'd also get a toy). She often treated me (and then my brother) to lunch in Downtown Greensburg. It was never a bustling metropolis, but when I was little, it actually still had businesses. The two places we'd eat were Troutmann's Department Store restaurant and the Murphy's 5 and 10 lunch counter (I'm only 32, so this was well past the hey day of this sort of thing). Generally, my meal choices centered around grilled cheese. 

At one point, Catherine moved to Pershing Square, a subsidized senior high rise. We of course still visited her there, where she made me French toast (unparalleled to this day by even the hottest brunch joints) and hamburgers for my brother. She was heavily involved in the social life of the building and was the first to tip us off that my grandfather--who lived there briefly after his divorce from his second wife--was a hot commodity. We lost her in 1999, but her love lives on in the copious amounts of crafty goods she made. Never is this so true as during Christmas. These two ornaments are only the tip of that crafty iceberg!

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