Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out and V-O-T-E!

It's no secret I'm voting for Obama. Pardon, voted. I have my sticker to prove it. I waited for 2+ hours, but it was kind of fun, because there was an air of excitement. I was touched when I saw an elderly African-American woman come to vote because I thought "Wow, this woman probably had to sit at the back of the bus and drink from different fountains and her parents probably didn't vote, and now, she's most likely voting for a black candidate." Local news did a piece on a 105-year-old woman from Alexandria. It just reminds you to exercise your rights. One-hundred years ago, I would not have been able to vote. Some people fought long and hard so I could wait more than 2 hours to cast my ballot, and I hope I never take that for granted.


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  1. I can't figure out why people voted for Obama. Of course, there weren't to many reasons to vote for McCain, either. But he didn't keep his past hidden. McCain wasn't supported by our enemies either.


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