Sunday, November 2, 2008

Carb as Secret Weapon


Another one bites the dust! Finally, my Cadillac of mousetraps pulled through and caught one of the rascals! I have to credit bread, which was the new addition this weekend. This sort of endears me to the creatures (I said "sort of") because, boy, I can relate to carb cravings.

I have lost any naivete that would enable me to believe that there were only two. There could be, but there could also be more, so I'm biding my time with more traps set. In fact, seeing two has made me MORE wary of additional creatures. Part of this morning was spent cleaning (again) under the burners on my stove and one of my lower cabinets. I guess I can say one good thing about having mice: it's made me do the little cleaning projects one tends to neglect!

Hmm, this photo, from Adina Hoffman, almost makes a mouse look cute...


  1. argh...I hate rodent wars too! So difficult to catch the rascals. Hope your luck continues!

  2. I use the poison that makes them just disappear. D-Con. Hate having to do it, but I can't share my space with them.


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