Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tip of the Day: Microfiber on a Budget

My car is back--fixed after having 2 nails removed from the 2 front tires. (My dad suspects foul play, but I suspect bad road conditions).

Microfiber As I was folding laundry, I thought I'd share a find with you. You know those microfiber cleaning cloths everyone sells and that place like Real Simple magazine talks about? Well, I have a good source for them: the dollar store. I bought one a long time ago that I continue to use. I don't go to the dollar store often, but have kept my eye out for them again. This time, I did not find the cleaning cloths but DID find face cloths. When you're cleaning the toilet: who cares! The price is right.

I use one cloth for my weekly normal cleaning (keep in mind I have a 1-br apartment!). I start with the glass, which they do really well. I then clean bathroom tile and fixtures (the chrome really shines), ending with the toilet.

When I compare that to the NUMEROUS paper towels I'd have to use, I feel like using these is less wasteful, AND the cloths do a better job!

I still use old t-shirts/undies (yes, I use old undies) as cleaning rags, but these do really great. Especially for shining things up. Keep an eye out!

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