Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mouse Fatwa Update

I have been informed today by officemates that DC mice are too "street" to go into covered traps.

Coworker: Oh, those never work.

Me: But they worked in Philly.

Coworker: Well, DC mice won't go into them.

So, it was no surprise when I came home and saw droppings but no dead mouse. Sigh. After several jittery nights at home, I've HAD it. I believe the horrid thing is living in my stove. I'm calling the landlord again tomorrow whether or not I catch it because the last thing I need is a chewed gas line. Ka-boom.

Therefore, I have gone against my "Cadillac only" policy, realizing sometimes a Honda will do, and have pulled out all available forces. I'm hoping this does it.   Here's one of my get ups.


It consists of 2 shoe boxes, 2 of the Cadillac traps, and 2 glue traps. Additionally, one side of the stove is flanked with a traditional "Chevy Nova" snap trap. I have also set up 2 on one side of my sink where I found mouse poo.

I hope this does it. Die Mouse Die!

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