Friday, October 31, 2008

Mouse Bombing Intensifies

Okay, not really. It's at the same level as before. As in, I see droppings, and no matter what I do with the traps, the mousey won't bite. What's most disturbing is that I have found droppings in my bedroom, which freaks me out. I literally have trouble getting to sleep thinking about it and have started sleeping with my feet to the head of the bed (why? I don't know...I think in absence of doing something useful, I decided to do something symbolic). Let's examine what we know about the mouse species:

They're fast


They're annoying


They're wily and hard to catch


They're disturbingly buff 


I'm going to try some different bait this weekend. I'm pretty much setting up a mouse smorgasbord. I hope he decides to indulge one of these days...


  1. First visit to your blog, and I'm laughing -- not at you, but because I could have written this post myself. I've been waging war on mice for the past couple of months -- I've even borrowed a friend's cat for a week after I found that I'd put 15 mouse traps and bait boxes in my kitchen! I've had sleepless nights, nervous days... and now, with every orifice of my house stuffed with steel wool, I seem to be keeping the mice at bay. Hang in there.

  2. Ha ha--I was just thinking about going to my neighborhood hardware store to buy steel wool, flashing, and more traps! I put out bread on the traps last night, hoping that if it weren't a peanut butter mouse, it would be a bread mouse!

  3. ...I hate meeces to pieces!...
    I've been wondering and wondering -- but I was sure that if you'd had success you'd tell about it.
    Good luck!!!! Get that mouse!!!!


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