Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lightening the Load

There is a seemingly endless stream of stuff coming in...and then going out of our lives. If you stop to think about the quantity, it really is quite astounding. I had a bag of stuff to take to Goodwill sitting in my living room for a week or so, so I knew I wanted to get that out the door this weekend. I managed to fill 3 more bags with stuff before going.


I've had a list of things I need to thin out for awhile, including:

Craft supplies--I used to buy these compulsively during my drive home from work. I do use some and fortunately, I don't shop much for them anymore (helps that there isn't a Michaels on my way from work!), but I've realized I have lots I don't use.

Candles and knicknacks--I had a rubbermaid box full of these under my bed. I thinned it out considerably.

A bin full of "not sures"--This included an amusing group of stuff that I'd had a hard time letting go of, including some small stuffed animals, a Gumby and Pokey, an assortment of small plastic thingys (for lack of a better word), a Magic 8 get the idea. I was proud of myself for putting most (if not all) of these things into the Goodwill bags. It helped that when I turned the Magic 8 Ball over, it said "Yes," which I took as a sign.

Fabric--Like craft supplies, I like fabric, but I don't sew, really, and I've had a pile of fabric--again, in a bin under my bed--for ages.

I still kept some of the little doodads, but I was happy with my progress. I threw in my old featherbed for good measure which cleared out half of a shelf in my linen closet. My next steps of things to do are listing my old PDA and espresso machine on Craigslist or Ebay, finally giving away the bag of paints that weren't picked up from Freecycle, and trying to sell my pile of fabric on Etsy. I also have to find a place to recycle my computer...

It's definitely a great feeling to let go of things. More than physical space, they take up mental space, always thinking about and organizing things, stumbling over them, moving them, and maintaining them. I always feel a lot lighter after donating things.

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