Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cruisin' the Open Road

The pinnacle of the second day of my weekend was the ride in Dad's '38 Chevy. I haven't ridden in it for years because it was engineless for awhile. This is his baby, and my dad is never so happy as when he's in his '38. The car features prominently in many memories from my childhood because we'd ride it to car shows. My brother and I would alternate who slept on the floor and the bench seat in the back on our trips. There were no seat belts. The floor would get crazy hot and inevitably, your legs would start sweating. We'd then either fight or play games. One trip, we were stuck in a torrential downpour. If I remember correctly, the wipers weren't working (or were working as well as they did in the 30s), and water was streaming in from the windshield as my mom and dad tried to sop up the mess with some towels. Good times.

My dad has the new engine in. It's a pimped out ride now--and will soon have operational a/c and a stereo, at which point he can use the iPod I bought him to bring the oldies but goodies along with him.

Here's dad waiting for me.


And we're off!


 Past the Peaches & Cream Ice Cream shop onto Route 30.  


Dad's commanding the wheel...


Country roads, take me home...






When we got back, Sammy got to go for his own ride--but just around the block...


...because we had to get home to eat the delicious Swedish meatballs my mom made: my favorite!


I then hit the road for a much less fun ride. The one home to DC!

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