Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Chapter in Attempts at Socializing

My partner in "getting out there" Lisa (you'll recall she went to the 4-min dating with me) and I went to a "mixer" on Friday evening at the Morrison-Clark Inn. It was quite the event. I don't know where to start.

First, I'll say, the venue is lovely in that historic inn sort of way. They have a nice courtyard which would be nice on a spring or summer day. Lisa got there before me and met a few women in the sparsely populated room. I approached the table, and talked to Lisa, but the other women didn't introduce themselves or respond to me, which seemed odd. I proceeded to get a drink--the bar was somewhat crowded and got more so as I stood there waiting for the drink. There weren't that many people around for the mixer yet, but as they began arriving, I began to feel young...the demographic was a slightly older crowd for the most part.

I went back inside to the table where Lisa was siting. Here's the pic from the website.


Only we didn't have tea, we had drinks and cheese straws. Those were good--as were the passed appetizers.

What wasn't great was the company. I've rarely met people so surface and boring. I'm not used to people not reacting to what I say, especially when I try to be funny. Everything said by the trio was flat and terse.

Woman 1--Where do you live?

me--Capitol Hill

Woman 1--Northeast or Southeast?

[Aside: No one asks me that. Ever.]

me--Northeast. Yeah, I like it though sometimes it's a bit far from the metro, but it is very green and I love the houses. parking's easy too, and I like my apartment--I rent of, where do you live?

Woman 1--"Georgetown"

This was said in such a way as to say "yes, I live in Georgetown, which is better than anyplace else to live."

All the conversations, if they could be called that, were the same. I remember there being several lines exchanged about cheese with cranberries in it. You get the idea.

At one point, a younger guy joined us who does magic for a living, but promptly left. I wonder why.

To take his place a little later was another man. Less young. Way less young. He and the girl who really liked the cranberry cheese were flirting, I guess. She showed him her ID badge at one point. I didn't get that. My favorite part was when he pulled out the presumably senior picture of his daughter who is in college. Uh...okay, dad. The whole thing was just weird in ways that I can't even articulate.

Lisa and I rightly decided to blow that joint.

Hanna was already making her presence known, so we decided to go to Luigino, where I'd taken my mom on one of her recent visits. It's kind of a hidden gem near the convention center. This was also not without incident.

RestaurantWe were seated adjacent to a raucous group of men. These four--who I'd estimate were in their late 30s, early 40s--were all wearing golf shirts, khakis or jeans, and were clearly either convention-goers or defense contractors in town temporarily from Dubuque or some similarly cosmopolitan place (Wasilla?) who miss their high school days and act like they're in high school when they're away from their wives. The whole time, they were loudly laughing and saying obnoxious things, much like a group of kids at Denny's after the football game or convention goers at the RNC. I had the pleasure of witnessing everything they did, as I was facing them. I noticed them pointing at us and making cracks and laughing. I started a stare contest with the ringleader. No shame. Fortunately, they ate their food quickly. To give you an idea of their behavior, when they got the bill, the ringleader gave the waiter his room card. The ringleader wannabe went outside and was pressing his face up against the glass with his cheeks puffed out and his lips pressed open. Yeah, it was that bad.

Good thing that the food was great, and our waiter was super sweet--and sweet on us too. Lisa got his phone number from our bill folio. He gave us extra dessert and a shot of limoncello--which, frankly, made me want to marry him because I had just been talking about wanting some and not seeing it on the menu.

Limoncello--it will get me every time!

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  1. Ah, I know all about conventioneers (which I think you know). Speaking of which, we are off to Seattle next week! I'm sure I will have stories to share. :)
    I would ALSO marry someone over is THAT good, people.


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