Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two Kinds of Crabby

I've been a bit crabby this week. First, I left early on Friday because the office was ridiculously loud and irritating me more than normal. I was also going to the beach. The only way I was crabby on the weekend was when I was eating crabcakes.

It was SO nice to be at Susie & Kirk's house with Erin, totally calm and relaxed. Between sleeping in every day until 11, lazing on the beach in the afternoon, and gorging on Kirk's dinners/junk food, it was heaven.  I'll spare you the bathing suit pics.


We had PERFECT weather. If I had to choose one weather, it would be this.


Like my pedicure?


Travel Scrabble on the beach! 


That's Beau, the bulldog, by the way.

Well, my bad mood miraculously reappeared when I went to work on Tuesday. I had a run-in with admins, felt like I wasn't accomplishing enough, and generally have felt off balance. I gained 6 lbs in a week, haven't gone to the gym (which is reeaaaalllly helping with the weight thing), and have been eating poorly. I did go to the dentist today. Good news--my gums are healthier! My neighbor's been loud, and I've had dreams of maybe getting into the real estate buying game, but saw a Washington Post article about how banks are expecting the full 20% downpayment (not likely). Between all that, and my deflated hope on the dating scene (not giving up, just not feeling peppy about it), and I'm GLAD the weekend's coming.  I decided not to drive to my parents' for the weekend; the thought of traffic was making me dread it. I do have some exciting things on my agenda though: laundry, cleaning, buying eyeglasses, doing a little research on home buying (reviewing notes from a class) and maybe hitting an open house or 2, and getting myself sorted out. OH, and probably having some fun too!


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