Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poetry Palisades--week---uh?--Eatery!! (And Week 5: Kiddie Ride)

I've been way lax on blogging. Apologies. But, poor Poetry Palisades has no place to eat and no place for the kiddies to frolic. So, here goes:

So hungry you could eat your way through the world and back again? Feel an emptiness that no normal food can replenish? Go to Alliteration Alley, Poetry Palisades' food court. There, you'll find  Keats' Eats (casual eatery--okay, that rhymes), Dickinson's Dogs (Corn Dogs), Poetry Pizza, Iambic Ice Cream, and Sonnet Sweets.

Suppose you have children with you as you embark on your poetic journey. And, you may, considering that one of the target markets was essentially soccer moms. Take them to "Haikuland: for the short but sweet snippets of your life." There, there are several safe and fun rides for the kiddies. For example:

  • Brave Paper Moon Travelers: your stock rocket ride...listen, we do WORDS not fancy rides, okay?
  • Crystal Lake Slow Float: Boats, on a lake.
  • Tree Swing High And Proud: Swings, repurposed from a defunct amusement park

So, uh, there you have it...Disney isn't going to be hiring me anytime soon! 

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  1. I dunno -- I think Iambic Ice Cream has a lot of potential there...


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