Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sometimes Freedom Means...

freedom from a rug that's been annoying you for a long time. Mom visited this weekend and was the perfect enabler for my purchase of a new rug. It was serendipitous. One of my favorite Capitol Hill stores, Homebody, had several of their last stock Angela Adams rugs on sale. From what the proprietors said, Adams is going back to doing custom only orders, so they'll no longer be carrying them.  

This means I was able to finally find a replacement for the Crate & Barrel "arts and crafts"y style rug that has been with me for awhile. It served me well for many years, but suffered from too much moving of furniture around on it with many little snags. It also was too light and moved around a lot, and the tassles vexed me so, always going this way and that. It was time to say goodbye.



And after with my new Angela Adams "Kelly" rug:


Okay, it also helps that I cleaned up the paper clutter on my table, but I still think it's amazing what a difference a simple change can make!


  1. I love that look! Your room is really coming together. You know what would look really great? A ceramic cream colored table lamp with a cylinder shade. OR, a lamp with a silver cylinder shade!

  2. WHOA! New rug is a huge win.

  3. i really luv the new rug, great color and looks great the room

  4. Good Choice, love the rug.


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