Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Poetry Palisades Week 2--Signature Ride


As part of Word World, this is my entry on my Park's Signature Ride (Week 2...working on Week 3). I must admit, I have not gone to many, if any, theme parks, so this is taking extra creativity!

Signature Poetry Palisades Ride:  Inspired Highs and Depths of Despair. This ride is geared toward giving visitors the feeling of being a writer. First, riders are each given berets and then strapped in to a very hard chair-shaped vehicle. The riders quickly ascend a hill as high as a mountain and feel as if they are on top of the world. This exhilarating feeling continues as they plummet down the next several hills. It's as if the feeling will never end. However, it does abruptly at the end of the fourth hill. At this point, the ride slows down and continues on a flat surface and the riders are put into complete sensory deprivation while they smack their heads against the table-like ledge in front of them. They are told that the only way they can continue on the ride is if they write 4 pages of extremely creative material. They are given lots of other poetry to look at, but this serves only to remind them that they have not a creative hair on their head and that they'll never complete these four pages--never! They are then placed around cafe tables with other riders, where they proceed to drink espresso and complain about their lack of ability to continue. As abruptly as the ride stops, it speeds up again, much to the surprise of the riders. This time, they know what to expect and aren't quite as thrilled as the first time with the highs, waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop. Visitors end up at one of several different endings: Your poetry's crap and you will die in oblivion; You aren't favored now, but you'll be discovered after your untimely death; and "You're famous! Wait, are you sure you're writing poetry?"

Fountain nib photo from Wikimedia.


  1. Oops. didn't mean to post that comment twice. I don't know what I did wrong...

  2. Thanks--I liked the headbanging part myself! I'm working on the experience section now...well, not RIGHT now, but now in general.


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