Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Hate What I'm Wearing

I went to the gym this morning, which meant I packed my clothes this morning to put on after my shower. And, I picked a sun dress I bought before my college reunion. Cute, great pattern, and I figured with the heat today it would be great. That was before I put it on. I swear the thing shrunk about 2 inches in the wash. Now, I'm going to be self-conscious all day, and it already has some self consciousness inducing elements to it, mostly due to the bareness of the upper area and a top built for the pre-reduction surgery Pamela Anderson (really--who ARE they making these for?). Because it's poofy, I can't tell where it's hitting on my backside. My strategy is to spend most of my time sitting, with the little cotton bolero buttoned up to cover what the Lane Bryant salesperson called my "sexy." "Sexy" and "Economic Analysis" do not go together. I'm going to the theatre tonight, and I plan to also use said sitting strategy there.  I briefly considered going to Filene's Basement or Talbot's to buy something else, but who has the time (or the extra dough to blow on something I don't really want anyway).

The dress in question, from Lane Bryant...



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