Monday, July 21, 2008

Could This Help Transit?


I got a lot of enjoyment out of this articlefrom the Miami Herald, via Planetizen. Here's a snippet:

"James Harris loves public buses so much, he stole one from a Miami-Dade depot last month and, wearing a genuine uniform, chauffeured unsuspecting fare-paying passengers around South Beach for hours, police and government officials said Thursday.

When Harris, 18, was arrested a few days later, he posted bail -- and promptly stole a second bus.

''He's a real transit freak,'' said Derrick Gordon, assistant director for bus operations..."

Photo from 2001 Best Non-NYC Metro Area Bus Photo contest winner BusProwler, depicting "bus 9910, a Miami-Dade Transit 1999 NABI 40-LFW is parked outside a trailer park in Liberty City assisting in evacuating a flooded trailer park following the infamous No Name Storm of October 2000."



  1. There is a kid's book that is all about a personified pigeon that is DYING to drive a bus. Maybe that is where he got the idea....

  2. This is hilarious! (just catching up on your blog after, oh, maybe six months. :) ) Is this kid a genius or is it really that easy to steal a public bus?

  3. you'll love this one:


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