Friday, June 6, 2008

Play Taps--SUV, Exit Right

Costume-grim-reaper-clipartWell, according to U.S. News and World Report, the SUV is dead. They quote USA Today: "USA Todaywrites, "For a generation, pickups and SUVs have symbolized a rugged, oversized, no-holds-barred American lifestyle.  Tuesday, automakers made it clear that consumers are hitting the brakes on their love affair with the hardiest, roomiest -- and thirstiest -- vehicles."  And, GM announced they're shuttering several SUV plants.

All I have to say is HA!  Could they not see this coming? Seriously, the auto industry is moronic, but often I think just because 'tis a reflection of Americans, who can also be quite moronic at times. I get a special thrill filling my tank up these days next to an SUV owner. True, it's a bit painful for me to pay $60 for a full tank of gas in my Chevy Cav, but not nearly as painful as it is for them, and for that, I gloat a little. As a special rememberance to the tank-as-family-vehicle, I offer a rehash of an entry from my old blog (on the forefront of blogging, in the days before I understood blogs or rather, understood them less than today). Two of my readers may remember this. It's a playful look at SUV names. May they rest in peace and never rear their ugly heads again if oil prices drop.


(This Hummer is trying to go to heaven, but I know where it's really from grophersey)

It was called "An objective examination of the names of SUVs" and had 2 parts. It was silly, but fun to write in--gasp--2004 and even more fun to reprint today. Here it is in its totality for your enjoyment!

Jeep Cherokee
I am sure that the Native American tribe is more than proud to have their name associated with such an efficient and earth-respecting vehicle

Ford Explorer
What is being explored here?

Ford Expedition
“Son, we must now start our expedition to the Starbucks for mother’s morning coffee and this will be our means of transit. It will not be an easy journey, but the end is well worth it.”

Chevrolet Blazer:
And we will blaze brave new paths into the wild blue yonder.

Cadillac Escalade
Pres. Bush in speech: “Tensions have beginned to escalade with environmental groups.”
Jeanie felt it was appropriate to escalade the walls of Bed Bath and Beyond, as parking for her vehicle was not sufficient.

Lincoln Navigator:
We must fortify ourselves before we navigate the wilds of suburban DC.

Toyota Sequoia:
What a tribute to some great old trees!

Chevrolet Suburban
Perhaps the only honest SUV name.

Lincoln Aviator
"Daddy, are we flying? We're so high up!"

Ford Escape
There is no escaping my exhaust fumes!

Ford Excursion
The Jones family set out on their excursion to Sam's Club to stock up on toilet paper and dog food. They made sure they had adequate supplies of Fruit by the Foot and DVDs for the trip.

Buick Rendezvous
"Eh, hello, my dahling, won't you come to my SUV for a rendezvous?"


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