Saturday, March 8, 2008

Skirting the Issue

Last weekend, I bought the materials for my next bedroom project--a dust ruffle. Basically, I had bought the dust ruffle a few weeks before, but hadn't finished it. I bought it at an 18" length because the standard 14" was too short. I had measured it at 16"--this was pre-rug--but I figured the 18" would be okay. But, when I got it home and held it up, it was just too long. So, I had to hem it. Plus, it was plain white, and I wanted to jazz it up with some grosgrain ribbon. I used fusible tape to both hem it and attach the ribbon. I did this while watching TV over 2 nights this week. Easy! (Actually, a little tiring and I burned myself on my iron...) Here's the result!


It should actually be about an inch longer on this side. However, it's not sitting on the boxspring properly...why are bedskirts made the way they are? I nearly killed myself trying to get it on properly.  I guess I'll wait until I can hoodwink some friends into helping me someday. 

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