Friday, March 28, 2008

Resource: Archival Storage


I recently bought some archival file boxes from University Products. They sell archival products to, as their name suggests, university libraries and museums. However, they're also a good resource for home organizing and crafts. I got several of the same (or at least they appear exactly the same) file boxes that the Container Store sells for $19.99 each for $5.20 each. They give volume discounts (for small to large orders), and my mom and I split an order of 10.

I particularly like these because they look unobtrusive on a shelf. And, when you split up your files into different boxes, they aren't as heavy or bulky, which I feel is key to actually using the files. Having separate boxes gives you flexibility that drawers just don't.

In addition to these, they sell all kinds of useful products, including,(Beware, this can excite "oh hey look at this, I need it" syndrome):

  • Display cases and stands

  • Photo and scrapbooking supplies

  • Bone folders, cutting tools and other things used for paper crafting/book binding (including cool French marbled paper)

  • Framing supplies

  • Stools and shelving

Check 'em out!

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